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“Heath has been personal training me for approximately three years. In that time, I have seen a transformation in my body that I have not seen before in my 20 plus years of working out. His dedication to helping me achieve my goals in working out along with his nutrition information is more than I ever expected. His online program is very informative and encouraging. I was recently diagnosed with a serious illness at which time Heath went above and beyond to help with his vast nutritional knowledge. I strongly recommend Heath for your training and nutritional needs, he is well worth it.”

Christi Zermeno - Ojai

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Working with Heath has been an initiation into a new way of exercising… he teaches how to listen to the body and respect it’s feedback to ultimately heal AND strengthen. With Heath’s guidance, I have never felt or looked better in my body, and my energy has really skyrocketed. It’s great to know that regardless of how I feel before our workout, I always feel so much better afterward.

Daron Hope - Earthtonics Studio Spa

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I absolutely love Heath's work! He's helped me to listen deeply to my body and encouraged me to go at the exact pace I needed in order to heal my hip pain. I feel stronger than I have in years. Heath is a gifted and knowledgeable teacher - anyone who gets to work with him is absolutely blessed!

Liesel Rigsby - Ojai

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The Rock and Roll Reboot Retreat with Heath and Alana provided me with some physical and social tools that only help a touring musician like me have a more enjoyable and healthy lifestyle on the road. I recommend it to any touring musician or anyone seeking to displace unhealthy habits with more healthy ones.

Daniel Rodriguez - Colorado Singer-Songwriter

My previous experience with working out was not a good one. I would begin my new class with enthusiasm, irritate an old injury and stop…It has been a totally different experience with Heath. Heath’s knowledge and pacing allowed me to build up my strength and balance. I have more confidence now and I enjoy working out again. I recommend Heath to all my friends and family. He’s a great trainer and inspiration.
— Teresa Rooney - Ojai Real Estate

As a 61 year old woman with Osteoporosis, I find Heath’s classes have greatly improved my balance and strength.
Along with this, my self-confidence has developed making hiking on un-even terrain much more satisfying.
Feeling the fullness of my movements is life enhancing and I feel all the extra work is paying off.
— Kate Kilmurray - Ojai Healthy Living Consultant