It all begins with nourishment. Every living entity relies on nutrition to survive and more importantly thrive. We can not evolve to our full potential without nourishment. 

Three Principles to Nourishment

  • You are only as healthy as the ecosystems your food has been grown or raised in. You are what your food eats.
  • Reducing your intake of “waste”  is the quickest way to improve your health.
  • There is no greater connection to your health, and the health of our planet, than your daily food choices. You always have the power of choice.

With these truths comes the simplest and most effective dietary approach in existence; an approach that doesn’t eliminate food groups or require supplementation. An approach that shows you how to find, prepare and enjoy more authentic food.

SOUL Food, as I like to call it, takes all the ambiguity out of dieting, and teaches you how to evaluate what food ingredients are nourishing you and what food ingredients you really should consider as trash, simply because your body has no use for them. Whether they are toxic or not, “trash” ingredients make your body divert valuable resources from normal functioning and repair, to deal with identifying, storing and eventually discarding the unnecessary substance as waste. If the amount of trash coming in is greater than the amount going out, which is often times the case (even in what people often consider a healthy diet!), the accumulative affect can manifest into many of the common health issues of our time: obesity, auto-immune disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, even chronic fatigue and depression.

Developing a SOUL Food approach to eating will stimulate a passion for understanding your food like never before. For example :

  • Knowing where you food comes from and visiting farms is one of the best experiences you can give you and your family
  • The beauty of eating fresh produce in-season, organic and as local as possible will remind you of how amazing healthy food can and should taste.
  • Why taking the preparation of your food into your own hands makes a huge difference in your health through reducing “waste”.
  • Knowing that even though the food you will be buying can be more expensive, you will realize that there is nothing more important to spend your money on, than your health and the health of your family and it will be more than worth it.

All you have to decide is that you have the ability, and the responsibility, for your own health.

Then, empower yourself, by learning how to choose wisely!