When I set out to work with a trainer, I never thought that it would be life-transforming. While losing weight and toning my body were certainly goals that I aspired to achieve, and did, I learned from Heath that my goals were just the beginning of altering how I view my overall mental and physical health. As a motivated self-starter, I thought a few sessions on “how-to” would be all I needed to improve my well-being and get back to my “pre-kids” weight and workouts. What I gained from Heath was a journey in understanding how a positive attitude, eating well and the right exercise are critical to a balanced and happy life. Thanks to Heath, I now love vegetables at every meal and see a whole new way to live.
— Elyana Sutin – Attorney & Judicial Officer for the Environmental Protection Agency

"I help people feel better by addressing pain related joint and muscle dysfunctions using Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong, along with Functional Strength & Mobility exercises as tools to improve posture, optimal range of motion, stability and strength so they can continue to enjoy the activities they love to do in life (hiking, dancing, surfing, etc.)."