The better we learn to train our bodies and our minds optimally, the more empowered we become. This is therapeutic exercise. Being efficient and productive with your exercise regimen. 

Three Principles

  • Exercise is no longer an option. Everyone needs therapeutic exercise. Modern life demands it. Whether working on a computer or sitting in a commute, we are sitting much of our awakened lives. This creates real imbalance in the musculoskeletal system, and if it goes unaddressed, this will lead to a number of chronic pain syndromes. 
  • Exercise is not about kicking your butt. It's about figuring out what you really need, and consistently working on improving those areas. Maybe you are doing a sport or activity you enjoy, but are negatively impacting your joints and creating imbalances that lead to chronic pain. Therapeutic exercise will help keep you enjoying the activities you love for the rest of your life.
  • Variety is key. We are creatures of habit, so we tend to pick one style and do it until we get bored or injured. Our bodies need strength, flexibility, balance, power, coordination, mind/body connection and many other modalities of movement in order to reach our fullest potential.

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