Functional fitness

When we are nourished well, we have much more energy to contend with. What should we do with it? Build our power so we can do more and be more. The more we learn to train our bodies and our minds optimally, the more empowered we become. This is Functional Fitness. Being efficient and productive with your exercise regimen.

Exercise is not about kicking your butt. It's about figuring out what you really need, and consistently working on improving those areas.

Everyone needs therapeutic exercise. Modern life demands it. Whether working on a computer or sitting in a commute, we are sitting much of our awakened lives. This creates real imbalance in the musculoskeletal system, and if it goes unaddressed, this will lead to a number of chronic pain syndromes. 

Even those who exercise regularly are usually doing a sport or activity they enjoy, but are creating imbalance issues that lead to chronic pain. I rarely meet someone who doesn't have some pain issue they are dealing with.  

This is why a daily practice is essential for everyone. It gives you the power to keep your body balanced and feeling great.