Intro Video - Describing what exercise videos will be like, important aspects of posture, form and breathing. Checking in with how it is feeling before, during, and after. Make adjustments so pain free. 

Sweat ~ Strength ~ Stretch Everyday

And Start strength building - jump pull-ups, pushups, reverse crunches , squats - 10, 20, 30, 40 then add 1, 2, 3, 4 each day. As numbers get to be more than you can do at one time, split in half and do two set circuits


Intro Video of how the Menus will lay out each week

Supplements ~ Snacks ~ Supper - All you need

Menus for the week, Shopping list for Sunday and Wednesday (Staples and weeks ingredients)


Intro Video of Importance of changing Patterns and Activities so they are more serving to a healthy life.

Soul ~ Systems ~ Situations

Each week, shift an unhealthy pattern, add an activity, learn something new, try something new, Introspective question, something fun-easy, R&R

Top 5 things that are keeping your health down, Top 5 things that you have done that worked to keep your health up.