"I've been on a quest to find the elixirs of life and longevity for 30 plus years. I never tire of the journey to find new ways to develop not just my health and well-being but everyone I come in contact with. Every moment is ripe for a good healthy interaction and an opportunity to grow."


Based in Ojai, CA, working locally and nationally, inspiring people to find ways to feel better by resolving their pain issues and addictive habits, while becoming more empowered and grounded through selfcare as their main source for healthcare. 

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  • BS Degree in Exercise Science with specialized studies in Postural Restoration, Pilates and Functional Strength Training

  • MS Degree in Dietetics with specialized studies in Permaculture, Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition

  • Community and Environmental Health Educator and Advocate for 25+ years

  • NOLS First Aid Certified for Outdoor Hiking Excursions and Retreats