"I never tire of the journey to be inspired and feel a stronger sense of vitality and connection. It all comes down to choices made in life. The more you know the more you can grow; then consistent evolving integration is all that is required. The best feelings in the world are through healthy self advocacy, when it's good for you, and the greater good."

Based in Ojai, CA, Heath's mission is inspiring people to find ways to prevent, overcome or improve health-related challenges with empowered and grounded selfcare habits as their main source of healthcare. As a personal trainer, nutritionist, and health coach, he uses classes, workshops and online programming to help facilitate healthy lifestyle shifts in his community. Therapeutic movement, local organic food sourcing and a balanced lifestyle with good recreation, rest and relationships are the foundation. 

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  • BS Degree in Exercise Science with specialized studies in Postural Restoration, Pilates and Functional Strength Training

  • MS Degree in Dietetics with specialized studies in Permaculture, Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition

  • Community and Environmental Health Educator and Advocate for 25+ years

  • NOLS First Aid Certified for Outdoor Hiking Excursions and Retreats